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crankypsychoex's Journal

Freelancer Allison "Tex"
4 September
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Age: Thinks she’s 24, actually created 5 years ago
Gender: Programmed female
Species: Smart AI, thinks she’s a human ghost
Blood type: N/A
Allergies: N/A
Average daily food consumption : N/A

Appearance: Like all soldiers, she wears the standard issue armor that can be found on all field troops in her world. What sets hers apart from the majority and tags her as having been part of special ops is the black color. Since her death, the suit is the only physical appearance she currently has, barring taking possession of another (electronic/armored) body. When out of the suit in ‘ghost’ form, whether by forcible removal or otherwise, she appears as a dark, faded version of her suited body.

Personality: As many have said about her, she’s a bitch. A very angry, violent bitch. Her idea of diplomacy involves using superior firepower and strength to get what she wants or to simply settle disputes. When talking to people, even teammates, she employs sarcasm and snark to a good extent. That isn’t to say she doesn’t respect or care about anyone, though. Earning either of this takes work and at least in the case of respect, the ability to be seen as competent on the battlefield.

When it comes to caring, she might not show it, but even the imbeciles she’s been have grown on her and another women encroaching on what she feels is her “territory” with her male team members evokes massive amounts of jealously. Despite this, she usually needs incentive to help them out or at least an excuse she can use to make it sound like she’s not doing them a favor out of the kindness of her heart, unless under the right circumstances.

Greed and opportunity play a big part in her decision making process. She will do just about anything for money and depending on the person needing help, the promise of a favor she gets to choose at a later date can substitute for a lack of funds.

Strengths: Given that she is an AI in an inorganic body, she doesn’t have to worry about the same restrictions placed on humans. Exhaustion, hunger, and thirst aren’t problems for her and if her body is destroyed, she is merely ejected from it and put in her “ghost” form, where she’s relatively safe from harm. Her main strength is in her fighting, though. Whether it’s by melee or sharpshooting, she prides herself in being able to take out groups of enemies by herself and doesn’t need to rely on others to defend herself. Combine this with her driven personality to get a job done and she’s a formidable opponent. She also displays mechanical abilities as she is able to repair tanks.

Weaknesses: Her status as an AI makes her susceptible to electromagnetic pulses and deletion, if anyone were to figure out her real nature and be in a position to do such a thing. If her robotic body is destroyed, she is incorporeal, unable to do anything beyond talking until she finds a suitable host, and loses all her weapons, ammo, and armor components. She would be stuck that way until she could find something suitable to possess, such as anything with the capability to host an AI.

Her aggressive nature can pose a problem and lend to needless arguing with her teammates, particularly her ex. Needless to say, while she is smart, tact isn’t her strong suit when it comes to talking. Working based on her greed also presents the problem of taking on dangerous missions and tasks which could get her killed all for a potential reward.

Special abilities: An enhancement in her armor allows her to cloak, giving her the ability of stealth. As mentioned before, she can also leave her body and take on an incorporeal form if needed and given the right circumstances and host, jump into another’s body and into their heads to take over or search for something.

History: What is known about Allison is mainly speculation. It’s assumed she was an orphan, something that Tex, at the very least, believes, and that during her adolescence dated an arrogant bastard by the name of Leonard Church. They were close enough that marriage was a topic that was brought up, but most likely wasn’t pursued, likely because of Allison. What happened to her is unknown, but a good guess based on Tex is she signed up for the army and was KIA, leaving behind a boyfriend who still loved her decades later. Said boyfriend ended up in control of a military program and among all the other screwed up experiments he had going on, created an AI based off of his memories of his lost loved one.

Enter Tex.

Her memories from before her “awakening” are hazy at best, complete blanks at worst. Most fall into some vague category in the middle, things made up to fill in the space that are good enough for her. She never was one to ponder the past. All she knows is that she’s always wanted to enlist into the Marines and here she was after having enlisted with her boyfriend, in training and selected to join a special ops group and be part of Project Freelancer, run by an elusive man they called the Director. During her time there, she was at the top of the ladder and considered the favorite for she worked more closely with those that ran the Project than any of the other Freelancers. It was here she received her code name, Agent Texas, her special armor with its cloaking enhancement, and was outfitted with an AI to aid her in combat, named Omega.

Fully enjoying the power granted to her by her training and new, angry companion, she wasn’t immune to the allure of the whispers of an even greater AI known as the Alpha, the one that all the others used in the Project came from. Gathering up her own allies, she launched an assault on the compound to try to find and take the Alpha, only for it to result in failure. The AI were deemed dangerous and were supposed to be deleted, hers being one of them. Being an AI of great ambitions, Omega fought back and with Tex, they battled their way out of the compound to freedom.

Given her unique nature out of the rest of the Freelancers, she was more-or-less allowed to operate as a freelance mercenary without much in the way of authorities trying to reclaim her. Between her escape and arrival at Blood Gulch, she tried to find a way to rid herself of her AI and took on a job that brought her to Sidewinder, where her now ex-boyfriend, Church (in actuality a flashclone AI of the Director and wanted Alpha AI), was stationed with the Blue Team. Her assignment was to annihilate the Blues and she took care of it easily, leaving only Church left alive.

Later down the line, she takes a job to help the Blue Team in Blood Gulch to replace their missing teammate, ironically her ex Church, and recapture their bought stolen flag from the Reds. She winds up being captured by them and meets Church when he attempts to rescue her, after having taken possession of the Red Team Leader’s body. This is where she learns that he is a ghost and that is unsurprised, given how obvious it is because he is standing there all incorporeal.

Through an unfortunate series of events to take down the Red Team so she can leave the blasted canyon, she ends up killed by a lucky grenade thrown by the light red member of the opposing team. Omega jumps ship to a new host and she doesn’t return until a couple months later when she takes over the robotic body Church had been using and informs them that Omega has gone into with their idiotic teammate. Her and Church enter the mind of Caboose, force Omega out (who then goes to seek refuge in Doc), and leave with their IQs intact.

Tex vanished again, reappearing later when the Blue Team gains two robots and she possesses one. During the crazy shenanigans that follow, she devotes herself to trying to destroy Omega who is still in Doc and protecting Tucker, a teammate, from Agent Wyoming, who is responding to a hit placed on the Blue. Everyone, sans- Church who joins them later, winds up tossed into the future by a large bomb and she continues to track down the AI down to a base he has taken residence up in. She teams up with the Red and Blue team to destroy the base and the AI with a bomb, but it winds up failing and leads to Church joining them in the future (or present, whichever) and the Blue Team having Andy, the talking bomb, with them for a short time.

The Blue Team meets an alien and end up helping them on what they assume to be a quest related to Tucker’s sword (not that kind, perv). Tex joins in hopes of taking the reward for the quest for herself. At the end of it, the reward turns out to be an aircraft that is shot down by Wyoming, causing Tex to chase down the other Freelancer in her anger. The trip takes her to what turns out to be Omega’s fortress and she enlists the help of an old Freelancer friend, York, to break into the place. The mission gets York killed and before Tex can kill Wyoming, he’s teleported away, leaving her with his helmet and information on Omega’s real whereabouts.

The information sends her off to Blood Gulch with the clue that Omega is somewhere in the canyon. She sneaks up on the Blues and launches an extensive attack, only stopping when their new, female member yells at her to stop. She is not only enraged that there is another female there after she’s only been gone a few weeks, but also suspicious her teammates until she is sure they aren’t in possession of Omega. She aids the Blues in shutting down their tank, Sheila, because of how strange she has been acting and is part of the offense on Red Base that they are ordered to take. Her, Tucker, and Church take the empty base and are informed by Caboose that Omega is in Blue Team’s leader. This gets Church an immediate rifle pointed at his face until he explains to Tex that he isn’t the official leader of the Blues, he just pretends to be.

Wyoming shows up, his AI Gamma takes over the tank, and a lot of time looping happens. The only Blue immune to this is Tucker and he figures out the right way to get them out of the loops and without anyone dying. Wyoming is killed and the group makes it off the base to find even more Wyomings, each one created when they went through a time loop.

Tex, Church, and Tucker combat the Wyomings and Gamma and before the last Wyoming is killed, they find out what the hell is going on. Turns out that in order to win the war, Omega planned to use the alien birthed by Tucker, Junior, during his quest earlier to control the Covenant. Tex changes her allegiance and immediately seeks out Omega, who is in Butch Flowers, former Blue Team captain and recently revived by one of the aliens to find the child. Butch is rekilled, radios are turned on, and Tex knocks people out to try to bring Omega back to her so she can complete this mission and end the war.

When Omega finds her, she takes Junior and Wyoming’s helmet with her and escapes on a pelican, where Andy the bomb is waiting and ready to explode. Already far from Blood Gulch, the ship is set to crash despite Tex’s attempts to stop it and instead of ending up in some unknown canyon with a mangled body, she’s tossed on an unknown asteroid.

Inventory: 2 M9 HE-DP Grenades (frags)
2 Type-1 Antipersonnel Grenades (stickys/plasmas)
2 M6C Magnum Sidearms (12 rounds in each gun, 120 spare rounds)
1 BR55 Battle Rifle (36 rounds loaded, 144 spare rounds)
1 Combat Knife

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